Counting down to #Dream11IPL the Dream WAY!

Blog/ September 24, 2020

#Dream11IPL is HERE!

As always, the launch of the IPL season is by far, the BIGGEST weekend at Dream Sports every year. And last Saturday, we celebrated the launch of #Dream11IPL 2020 in style.

Despite this being our first #Dream11IPL season working from home, our teammates a.k.a. Sportans are so thrilled to begin! Our first event, ‘Laugh out Loud’ with comedian and cricket humourist Vikram Sathaye was the perfect start, lightening the mood and calming our nerves. Our next event was the Dream Sports ScAvenger hunt with our Sportans. Dozens of Sportans competed in picking up the clues and solving the hunt, with their equally excited family members!

Our captains Harsh Jain & Bhavit Sheth then led the party with a heart-warming toast. The toast celebrated each and every Sportan and their loved ones – for their complete dedication and unwavering support throughout the year. This support was much needed, especially as we counted down through this very challenging year to the launch of the #Dream11IPL. And that wasn’t all – we also had the loved ones of our Sportans and our brand ambassadors dedicate beautiful messages to our #DreamTeam!

And we ended it – you guessed it right, by counting down to the first #Dream11IPL 2020 delivery bowled. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Let’s PLAY!

A big THANK YOU, Dream Team, for making this countdown so memorable, like every year.

Now we count UP all the records we break throughout #Dream11IPL, and beyond!

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