What truly makes Dream Sports a #GreatPlaceToWork?

Blog/ August 26, 2020

What truly makes Dream Sports one of India’s #Top10 Mid-sized places to work? Our people & our culture.

At Dream Sports, we believe in putting our CULTURE FIRST, a culture that our teammates believe in and demonstrate in what they do, everyday. More importantly, our culture has guided us through these changing times, when our #DreamTeam is #workfromhome. We always understood that keeping our people positive, and provided for, is the key to making our stadium a #GreatPlaceToWork for all. That’s how we have become one of India’s #Top10 Mid-sized places to work, for the third year in a row!

Our culture has also helped us stay positive as a business. Live Sports never completely halted in the most challenging times of this pandemic, so neither did we. Our journey from the start of the nationwide lockdown has been an incredible one. And it was the confidence of our teammates that motivated us to dream big. Being awarded the title sponsorship of the 2020 #Dream11IPL is a testimony of our positivity, and our confidence.

So THANK YOU all of you Dream Sports ‘Sportans’ in making Dream Sports one of India’s #Top10 #GreatPlaceToWork, once again!!

With this amazing recognition of our great culture, we look forward to the our biggest #Dream11IPL this year. And we welcome superstars across India to join us in our amazing journey forward.

Try out with our #DreamTeam on apply.dreamsports.co.in.

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