Culture / May 16, 2019

A crazy melting pot of sports-fanatics, tech-enthusiasts and extremely passionate individuals – the Dream11 “stadium” as we like to call it is nothing short of a dream for anyone who believes in changing the dynamics of the fantasy sports world. With one foot in revolutionizing fantasy gaming and the other in having a ball of a time during office hours, Dreamsters are making the most of their distinct office culture. Here’s a look at what makes it one of the coolest places to work at:

Be your own boss

As simple as it sounds, Dreamsters float through in a self-motivating and proactive work environment that allows them to collaborate with complete freedom and take ownership of new opportunities. As opposed to a conventional corporate culture where you always have someone looking over your shoulder, it is safe to say that at Dream11, goals are never ‘assigned’ – it is simply taken up by passionate Dreamsters who take ownership of new ideas and opportunities.

Home away from home

From sharing ideas to inside jokes, Dream11 teams do not hide behind the privacy of their desks. From the CEO to interns, everyone shares the same office floor to accelerate ease of communication. Strategic achievements, updates and growth are discussed once every month, in a common ‘Townhall’ in order to make the overall functioning more accountable and completely transparent. The Dreamsters share a high level of transparency within the stadium, along with a common agenda of bringing something unique and mind-boggling to the table. The stadium-like office encourages a casual ambiance which is why you will not see a single person dressed in formals!

Less assumption, more conclusions

A closer look at the Dream11 stadium will tell you how crazy and passionate each one is about gaming, sports, technology and the zeal to constantly experiment, improvise and evolve. However, experiments need to be backed by relevant data, as for which the Dreamsters follow a data centric scientific process called HEAL or ‘Hypothesis-Experiment-Analysis-Learning’ that makes these data geniuses work primarily around facts, and not simply going by their gut. Through HEAL, at first the business idea is hypothesized to help plan exactly which parameters to analyze, after which the experiments are performed and its resulting data helps to draw stronger inferences. In addition to this approach, the Dreamsters also have access to the best tools and software to analyze data and make improved data-driven decisions.

Perks at Dream11

Instant relocation​–

Finding a home closer to your workplace is truly a boon, especially for those who are new to the city or wish to move here. To ensure each Dreamster performs best to his/her ability, Dream11 offers an all-expense paid instant relocation to all those with permanent residences out of Mumbai, so that they can find an ideal residence that is close to the Dream11 stadium. This in turn helps Dreamsters perform better, far away from the worries of spending time traveling endlessly.

Plan your vacation –

With #D11Unplug, Dreamsters are rewarded with dedicated time off work, wherein they completely unplug and disconnect from all Dream11 channels for a week; so much so that ALL their Dream11 passwords are temporarily changed during this time. Dreamsters can use this time to spend time with their family and friends, plan a short getaway and enjoy work-free!

Your ideas get a new platform – Have a kick-starting creative idea? Here’s your chance to have them developed and worked upon freely. At the annual #DreamHack, you get an opportunity to submit both tech or non-tech ideas and win exciting prizes if you manage to make a mark. The most voted for ideas get selected and Dreamsters work collectively in teams to develop and present creative executions. #DreamHack fosters trust, team building and leadership among Dreamsters and the constant quest to keep learning more.

Work at your convenience – Early bird or night owl, with no fixed work timings and no minimum hour rule at Dream11, you can simply plan your workday in advance. Dreams do really come true at Dream11!

With no ‘senior’ or ‘junior’ rankings and equal opportunities for all Dreamsters to grow and evolve, the Dream11 stadium is an active and interactive level playing field for everyone in the stadium. At Dream11, we want you to find meaning in what you do at the same time be excited about it every single day. Transparency, work-life balance, ease in communication, well-deserved perks and a vibrant company culture makes Dream11 truly a dream to work.

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