Updates/ May 10, 2019

There are three things India truly awaits – Karan Arjun 2, Achhe Din and the IPL. While we cannot promise the rest, our Dreamsters do ensure that the latter is delivered to our users at its best experience. As the ball is set to roll for the 12th edition of the Indian Premier League, everyone is glued to the screen to watch some sporting action and play along with the biggest sporting league of our nation. Fantasy sports experiences peak traffic and engagement during these matches, with over 6 million users and a team of 200+ Dreamsters works around the clock to give the people what they seek – a rewarding gaming experience.

As the nation gears up to support their favorite teams, our Stadium gears up to support their favorite sport – Cricket. And to capture that, we decided to come up with a campaign that encapsulates the relentless spirit of the Dreamsters, where they pledge to exhilarate the spirits of a cricket crazy country by going above and beyond the usual and take immense pride in doing the same for the love of the game. And that’s called – A Dreamsters IPL.

We began by showcasing our Dreamster’s spirit, amidst the IPL frenzy, where they pledge to make this IPL their biggest one yet. Published on the first day of IPL, the video revealed the immense passion and drive that the Dreamsters hold throughout this toiling period, with nothing but a goal in their soul and pride in their hearts. The Pledge aimed to bring alive the zeal within Dreamsters who are driven by just one motto – To give their users a seamless and best in class fantasy gaming experience. Now that might seem like a lot, so to ensure that our Dreamsters are having fun through it all, Dream11 has additional perks during the IPL. Did we mention that there’s an in-house masseuse to keep you de-stressed? That amidst other things, check out a few of them here –

It’s true what they say after all when you love what you do, you’ll never really work. That’s just the case for Dreamsters, and all their successive wins!

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